International Collaboration in the Fields of Water Technologies

International Collaboration in the Fields of Water Technologies

Israel is considered a leading country in the fields of water technologies, including water production from natural sources and by desalination, as well as by treatment and reuse of wastewater for agricultural and industrial purposes. Seminars, conferences and numerous meetings with Israeli experts is sought after because of the Israeli experience and knowledge.

Kinneret Academic College is located in the North of Israel on the banks of the Sea of Galilee.

The Department of Water Industry Engineering and is involved in a dynamic process of academic education and research.

The programs are based on the newest scientific and technological concepts and carried out by leading specialists from the academic and industrial sectors. 

The program trains the engineers in field like hydraulics, hydrology, water chemistry and microbiology and includes a series of laboratory and design courses such as water and wastewater treatment,desalination engineering, water supply and wastewater collection systems, water irrigation and more.

As part of the collaboration we propose the following activities:

1. International seminar on water technologies in domestic, agricultural and industrial water sectors.

2. Academic program of one semester for advanced students in their 3rd or 4th year of engineering studies.

International seminar – Two Weeks

The seminar will include conferences, professional visits at water treatment facilities and social activity.

The conferences will focus on elected topics from the following items, upon request of the relative seminar organizers:

• Water and wastewater quality criteria, including physical, biological, chemical, aesthetical, health and economic factors in the elaboration of water quality regulations/standards for different objectives of use: domestic, agriculture, industry. The Israeli experience will be presented by local experts.

• Review of technologies in the treatment of water from natural sources, surface (rivers and lakes) and ground water.

• Desalination of brackish and of sea water.

• Water quality for agricultural irrigation and reuse of effluent.

• Water quality and possible reuse of effluent in industry.

• Review of the traditional and emerging technologies in the treatment of wastewater.

• Review of technologies in the treatment of sludge as by-product from wastewater treatment.

• Energy in water and wastewater treatment systems including solar and bio-gas sources.

• Management of water systems including elements of water quality protection, water saving, transportation at long distance.

• Water quality safety and optimal operation of water supply systems.

• Principles of automation, control and monitoring water systems.

• Review of irrigation methods, pressure and gravity systems, selection of irrigation methods depending on the different soils, topography and plants.

• Sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation systems, pressure and flow measurements, clogging prevention.

• Irrigation management, control systems, wise and efficient irrigation.

• General presentation of Israel water and wastewater system, general planning and future programs planning.

• Discussion and impressions.

The seminar will also include professional tours at a desalination plant, The National Water Carrier, water technologies manufactures and touristic sites with historical and national importance.