Subtropical Crops

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Practical Modern Agriculture

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Plant Protection Introduction

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In the footsteps of Jesus in the Galilee

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International Program in Industrial and Management Leadership

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Water Resources Management and Technologies

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International Collaboration in the Fields of Water Technologies

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Everyday life in the light of the Gospels

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First Century Judaism: The historical and archaeological background to the rise of Christianity in the Holy-Land

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Soil sampling, organic matter extraction, soil extraction, salinity testing, acidity testing, mineral analysis, laboratory results analysis, fertilization recommendations from laboratory analysis - analysis of findings

Plant nutrition

Types of fertilizers, fertilization methods, fertilizer pumps, soil and leaf analysis tests, fertilization planning, fertilizer dose calculation, use of fertilization protocol, identification of nutrient deficiencies in plants, solid fertilizers and liquids.

Plant protection

Pests, diseases and major physiological damages: fungi, viruses, bacteria. Prevention and treatment methods. Manual spraying, mechanized spraying, aerial spraying, immersion. Types of pesticides and fungicides - characteristics and uses: chemical, biological, combined (IPM).


The course will focus on the entrepreneurial process and business establishment, business plan – goals, structure and analysis, entrepreneurship and funding sources, valuation of new ventures. Planning a farm according to the advantages, disadvantages and requirements of the area in which students live.

Plant propagation

Familiarity with the world of nurseries. Cultivation methods, structures, plant propagation methods, tissue culture, cuttings and grafting, seed production - knowledge of the hybrid plant world. Basic genetics, hybrid versus open varaiety, seed production methods

Vegetables production

Growing vegetables (cereals, solanaceae, cucurbits and more) in open space and in buildings Plot preparation, cultivation, irrigation and fertilization, seedling preparation, climate, fertilization/pollination, trailing, thinning, harvesting and marketing, growing media substrates, greenhouses and nethouses.

Plantations and orchards

Types of plantations: Banana, avocado, mango, citrus, deciduous. Plot preparation, irrigation planning, tree preparation, fertilization, irrigation, pests and disease, harvesting, marketing and more

Judaism, culture, history and geography of Israel

Introduction to the history and culture of Israel. Israel's independence, religious and secular, Israeli holidays, the Hebrew language, Israel wars. Tours of tourist and heritage sites

Irrigation and Agricultural meteorology

Irrigation methods, drip systems, sprinklers, irrigation design, filtration systems, automation. Calculation of irrigation coefficient factor, monitoring and measurement of climate indices, finding a growth factor

Aquaculture- fish ponds

Technologies for growing, cultivating and breeding fish in intensive pools and ponds: feeding, water quality, water recycling, pests and disease, pool construction

Precision agriculture

Measuring climatic conditions in order to study irrigation quantities. Meteorological stations, evaporation, radiation, rain, sensors and more

Poultry production

Broilers and layers production: anatomy, biosecurity, feeding, pests and disease, vaccination, structures and growth methods

Dairy farm

Growing cows for the dairy industry. Structure of the dairy, feeding, varieties, disease, vaccinations, calving, milk quality, climate control

Organic agriculture

Compost preparation, pests and disease in organic farming