Shenkar's multidisciplinary academic environment provides a unique learning experience. The School of Industrial Engineering and Management, with more than 1,000 students and 5 undergraduate and graduate programs, offers a broad variety of academic teaching and research activities that focus on developing skills in technological innovation, digital transformation in organizations, business and technological strategies and product management
Our international program is based on the contents academic and professional experience in the fields of digital management and transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship studies. The program is inspired by the synergy between engineering and design, derived from the unique nature of Shenkar and by the contribution of this synergy to innovation. Among its activities, the school operates an advanced Big Data laboratory used in training undergraduate and graduate students in Industrial and Management Engineering and for industry research.
The proposed program is designed to develop industrial and managerial leadership skills based on the principles and methodologies of the Israeli "Start-up Nation" in producing innovation and rapid business and industrial growth.
By providing state-of-the-art professional principles and guided training experiences, participants will learn:
How to initiate and to manage development and design of innovative products and services.
How to develop entrepreneurial skills (including employees’ entrepreneurship in a wide variety of organizations).
How to establish technological ventures and projects by using advanced technologies and by managing R&D teams.
The program provides additional skills for analysis, design, implementation, and management of innovation processes in different industrial, technological and service sectors.
The program duration is 10 days (Sunday-Thursday) with study hours between 9:00-16:00.
Weekends (Friday-Saturday) and evenings are free, unless program activities are planned.  
The program is offered twice every year, during the first and second semesters of the Israeli academic year.
Proposed by:
Prof. Ehud Menipaz, Dean
Dr. Elad Harison, Head, International Programs
Dr. Yael Pedro, Program Coordinator