SAHLAV was founded in 2014 with a goal to pass seminars and short/long term programs, at high theoretical academic level and practical experience for thousands of students from Israel and around the world.

SAHLAV is a private company that operates according to agreements with quality academic colleges in Israel, each in its own field.

SAHLAV provides the students the best current and innovation knowledge , research, development and practical experience In Israel that the academic institutions has to offer.

The State of Israel is known around the world as a "Start up Nation" and we reveal the students to the quality, innovation and experience in the field of "Start up" in our seminars and short/long term programs.

Our syllabus includes details of the curriculum and the names of the lecturers and their academic background. So that the student knew exactly what he is expected to learn in order to enrich his knowledge. In addition, SAHLAV will be flexible to adapt the professional content according to the preferences and needs of the students.

SAHLAV conducts activities throughout the State of Israel and this is how we allow the student to "taste" the beauty of Israel, hers landscapes, hers historical sites and hers tourist sites.

SAHLAV offers seminars in a variety of fields with the possibility of coordinating activities with universities all around the world, which ensures that the seminar will at high academic level and be a part of the academic degree studies in the countries they came from.

The uniqueness of SAHLAV in the world of seminars is the extraordinary combination of studies at a high academic level, transfer of the latest and most innovative knowledge, exposure and experience in the practical world and also an experience of getting to know significant historical sites for all religions.

SAHLAV also offers the leading B.A. program of Tourism and Hotel Management, by the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management at the Kinneret College, which has been training the next generations of directors, planners and decision makers for Israel's tourism industry.

The programs is designed to enable the graduates to develop careers in Hospitality and Tourism Industry as future managers and self- entrepreneurship, The program specialized on Israeli Tourism and meets the needs of the Industry in the variety of Hospitality and Tourism issues in the new global era.

SAHLAV also offers "Agriculture Training" unique "Learning by doing" program operated by SAHLAV in collaboration with academic institutes around the world and gained approval and support governmental authorities in Israel.

Conducting research in relation to an important aspect in the practical workplace is one of the major goals of the program. Academic learning alongside advancement in developing intensive agriculture.
SAHLAV also offers a short term programs (international) at a high education Institution, such as SHANKAR and KINNERET ACADEMIC COLLEGE.
Our international program is based on the contents academic and professional experience in the fields of digital management and transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship studies' developing skills in technological innovation, digital transformation in organizations, business and technological strategies and product management, philosophy, social involvement and agriculture.