Water Resources Management and Technologies

Water Resources Management and Technologies

The course is divide into 3 main topics:

1. Infrastructure and Maintenance Topics (20 hours)

Ground and surface water resources

Regional, municipal, and rural master plans

Water treatment storage and service reservoirs

Distribution systems, pumping and booster stations

Remote control installation for automatic operations

2. Drinking Water Treatment Topics (20 hours)

available in Spanish language

Introduction – How to decide on the right treatment process?


The Flocculation-Sedimentation process

Water softening – Ion Exchange

Reverse Osmosis and desalination

Disinfecting the water – available treatments

Chlorine disinfection

Water recycling and reuse

Innovation in water treatment

Exercise - Basic design of a water treatment plant problems and

their solution

3. Sewage Water Systems and Wastewater Treatment Topics (5 hours)

Effluent reuse systems in Israel

Regulations in Israel- Effluent and Sludge

Typical parameters values in Israeli raw municipal sewage

Common treatment process at WWTP in Israel

Main electromechanical equipment in WWTP

Monitoring Sampling and Reports

Typical operation problems in WWTP